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    No risk. No pressure.

    100-Night Trial

    Your 100-night trial begins the day your mattress is delivered to your doorstep. If you decide it isn't a perfect fit for you within the first 100 nights, we'll have it picked up and issue a full refund. (Awesome, right?)

    10-Year Warranty

    If there's something wrong with your mattress, we'll replace it for up to 10 years, starting from the date of original purchase.

    Free Returns

    If you don’t love your mattress, just contact one of our Sleep Experts to confirm eligibility and arrange a return. We'll pick it up and issue you a full refund.

    Financing Available

    Sleep tonight and pay tomorrow, with flexible financing options starting as low as 0% APR through Affirm. Pay off a new line of credit with easy pre-qualification, no penalties to your credit score when checking eligibility, and no hidden fees ever.

    *0% APR available to qualified customers. Other financing terms may be available.

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    Ready for the best sleep of your life?

    Purple’s proprietary GelFlex® Grid is the reason our mattresses consistently outperform competitors.

    Nothing but facts

    We don’t manufacture positive press — we engineer solutions. You can count on Purple to offer more than marketing, with mattresses rigorously tested to ensure they actually improve sleep. 


    Reduction in pain

    Experience ache-free alignment. The GelFlex® Grid cradles hips + shoulders, maintaining proper support everywhere else. 

    Up to 3.6x

    Cooler sleep

    Cooler sleep means deeper sleep — and the GelFlex® Grid is the only sleep innovation that achieves both.


    Decrease in night awakenings

    Exclusive GelFlex® Grid instantly flexes to support all sleep positions for blissful, uninterrupted rest.

    *Based on independent studies conducted with Purple’s Hybrid line and competitors.

    Store FAQs

    Buying a mattress used to be pretty straightforward. You visited a mattress store, tested the comfort of a few mattress options, made your choice and had it delivered. With the rise of online mattress stores, mattress buying choices have become more complex.

    There's really no right or wrong choice when it comes to deciding how you'll buy your mattress. Depending on your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences, either method can work well — as long as you end up getting a good night's sleep on a mattress you love.

    At the end of the day – literally – your bed is a highly personalized choice. Some savvy mattress shoppers use a combo – you could visit a mattress store.

    Whether you shop online or at a mattress store, we know you will fall in love with your Purple. With the highest quality materials and patented No Pressure® Support of the Purple Grid™, sleeping on a Purple will provide you with the great night's sleep you deserve.

    A key benefit of buying your mattress from a mattress store is that you get to try the mattress before you make your purchase. You can lie down on it, bounce on it, roll around on it, and find your best sleeping position before deciding that it's the right mattress for you.

    When shopping online, you make your choice based on photos or information presented by the mattress retailer and by reading online mattress reviews. Some mattresses, like Purple, can be ordered online and also found in mattress or furniture stores, so you can try them out firsthand. If you're the type of person that needs to see a mattress in person before buying, Purple gives you this option by partnering with select mattress stores.

    Even if you want to purchase your mattress online, it can sometimes be helpful to visit a quality mattress showroom so you can get an idea of mattress dimensions and mattress types . Once you try a Purple, you'll realize that memory foam mattresses, adjustable beds, and innerspring mattresses simply can't compare. Thanks to science, mattress technology has improved – and you deserve the best when you crawl into bed each night.

    The good news is that you can shop online and still be able to test your mattress. Purple offers 100-night sleep trial period and free returns – giving you plenty of time to try the mattress that you've purchased online. This is a great option, because sometimes it can take a couple of weeks to adapt to a mattress. You can't get this same experience by trying a few mattress brands in a showroom. Order online from Purple and sleep on a luxury mattress for 100 nights in your own home, worry-free.

    Customer Service and Support

    If you're not sure what you're looking for in a new mattress, visiting a mattress store can be a great place to start. With knowledgeable sales representatives at your disposal, you can talk to experts and allow them to steer you toward the options that will best meet your needs. But if you'd rather find information on your own, then you might prefer to do some online research and read mattress reviews to figure out what's most important to you.

    Set yourself up for success with a little preparation. Before you make the trip, have a good idea what kind of mattress you want. Research everything from brands to styles to types — as well as price points. Then, create a list of the ones you'd like to test drive at the store.

    Next, make sure your dream mattress can fit in your space. Bring measurements and know what kind of bed frame you'll be using (i.e. size, platform or not, if it needs box springs). This will help you avoid splurging on a California king when your bedroom space only fits a queen.

    Also, come prepared with questions. Sales associates know the ins and outs of each mattress model in stock, so they'll be able to help you find the mattress that's right fit for you.

    Finally, to experience the full comfort of your future mattress, wear comfortable clothes. While we can't advocate wearing your pajamas to mattress stores, dress in something soft so you can feel the mattress beneath you. Consider wearing a t-shirt, leggings or gym shorts, and shoes that easily slip on and off.